EWM Blog – Thank you Project Blogger

Project BloggerIf not for Project Blogger there would be no EWM blog. My mad search for local content had been stalled, lost in a budgetary abyss. Then along comes an email from EWM superstar Kevin Tomlinson of the Miami Beach office telling me has has been tapped for something called Project Blogger.

Just in case you don’t know Project Blogger it is a contest sponsored by Inman and Active Rain to promote real estate blogging by having some established bloggers pair up with novices to give them a crash course in blogging. For 12 weeks, I have been watching, reading and learning. I joined Active Rain and began blogging. With the help of Kevin and the other apprentices, I was learning right along with them. The results of the contest will actually be announced at the Blogging Conference next week in San Fransisco.

At about two week point I began to think of EWM and what a big company blog would look like. I began to think back to the content I was looking for and decided that blogging was the solution. If only I could get half of our 700+ associates to contribute on a fairly regular basis, I would have the content the website needed. Now to find someone to help me with this project….



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5 responses to “EWM Blog – Thank you Project Blogger

  1. Beth
    Love your blog! Good luck. Make it transparent!

  2. realestategenome

    Thanks for the tips, Kevin

  3. Enjoyed my visit to your blog. I will be returning soon to see what is new. I bookmarked your site in my favorites so…

    By the way, thanks for the comment that you left on my site earlier today.

  4. Hey Beth – look at what I found!! Are you working on a blogsite for EWM? What have I missed?

  5. realestategenome

    Ines – you found me and yes I have been blogging about the blog over here – stay tuned.

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