Monday Morning Look in the Future

ClearasilSocial Networking is all the rage in real estate circles these days. At the urging of fellow real estate blogger Peter Santiago, I joined facebook over the weekend and felt like I was back in high school again – inviting people to be my friend and hoping that I didn’t get turned down, especially by my kids – how tragic would that be? Once I put on my Clearasil and started poking around I started to contemplate the business applications of social networking.

My experience with these networks was initially limited to my kids. They joined facebook at the high school or college level and it has become a way that they communicate with each other. They track birthdays, parties and life milestones on facebook. ran a post about Barbie girls and the fact that an amazing 3 million people have signed up in just a short 60 days. Imagine what these now 6 year olds will be using social networking for by the time they reach adulthood?

Within minutes of joining that I had an invitation of friendship from someone I did not know. My inner high school voice told me to accept – which I did and then I went to investigate my new friend. Philip Ganz and the group over at are using facebook to promote their new business venture- free blog sites for real estate brokers. I clicked and signed up and before I knew what was going on, I had a blog that contained all of my content from my Active Rain blog. A mere 30 minutes later – one of my blog posts was on Philip’s wall- I was amazed. The site has a few bugs in it – including that you cannot delete a post that was slurped up so all of my “members only” posts from Active Rain are up there for at least the time being. I also got a notification that these guys have already developed a property application to show off your listings on your facebook home page. Talk about viral marketing, I just got an email with tips on how to use the new site.

Will our real estate marketing efforts lead us to facebook? Will we keep up with past clients by wishing them Happy Birthday on their wall? Will facebook becoming a great referring sites for our blogs and websites? I am not sure. For now, I am just happy that my kids allowed me to be their friends.


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  1. realestategenome

    Just checked out the landbrokr site and I was able to clear out my members only posts.

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