Monday Morning Look in the Future


I have been testing a new browser called Flock for about 2 weeks now. The browser itself feels a lot like Firefox, but it has some nifty built in features that make it more than just your average browser.

1. Built in feed reader – very handy if you have a long subscription list.

2 . Built in media bar – keeps up with all of your media favorites on You Tube and Flickr

3. Web Clip toolbar – a great drop and drag sidebar for you to save things of interest while web surfing – then you can drop and drag into a blog, email, etc.

4. Built in blogging features – there is a blog button built in that will link up to your wordpress, typepad or blogger site. Right clik on anything and there is a “blog this” option.

5. So far it works with every Firefox extension and add on I have tried. I am sure there are some that don’t work – but my limited testing is good so far.

The browser is still a beta version, so it is a bit buggy- but overall I think it is worth trying.



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4 responses to “Monday Morning Look in the Future

  1. The only foxfire plugin worth using is the one where you can be on your laptop and download your bookmarks on another computer. The rest I can right click on my mouse and get the same information that the plugin returns.

  2. realestategenome

    Derek – which browser are you using?

  3. realestategenome

    Derek – try Flock – it is worth testing the beta

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