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Getting Rid of the Static Cling in Your Business

214591.jpgHave you noticed the static cling in your business lately? Those pesty balloons stuck to you all day? The shock you get when turning on the lights of new ideas?

No idea what I am talking about? Static, by my definition, is the not so white noise that is surrounding us everyday. We all recognize the big static caused by an unfavorable “Your Real Estate Market Is Doomed” article in the paper and it follows us all day long. Everyone you encounter says “Did you see that article?” So into the office you go to call on a few expireds or write a market update post hoping someone will read your blog , when someone says “You are just wasting your time on that, let’s go to lunch?” So you think, I am hungry and off you go.

Sometimes the static is more subtle. I find this kind of static usually hovers around managers. I inquire about how their office inventory is priced and they tell me… the associates are getting price reductions – but still nothing. Most people would just rub up against this and take the clingy balloon with them – after all, it’s not a bad answer. But when I press right on through that static and ask- did you sit with your associates and do a current CMA? Is it one of the lowest priced properties? and so on… as the static balloon bursts, they are dumbfounded.

This kind of static cling doesn’t shock you – it just covers you until nothing can penetrate. It numbs us into a daily routine of non-productive activity that will end up in the business passing you by.

So use that Static Guard and get to work. See the static for what it is. Make a plan and stick to it. Try new things. Open your mind to new ideas and concepts. Learn about the revolution going on in the business and make it work for you. Don’t let conditioned accepted responses lure you into a false sense of security about your business.

The real estate business is changing and most people aren’t even noticing… that’s the static cling.



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